Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Leadership Coaching: Make The Evolution Of Your Business Happen

Financial Crisis Causes Noise In The Organization

A culture of thrift has predominated consumers amid the uncertainty caused by the global financial crisis. All across the retail industry- from food to clothing- many brands have ceded price slash offs and discounts. But "buying" customers are not as easy to find. Regardless of socioeconomic lines, consumers have been reluctant to open their wallets. The wealthy and affluent in the U.S. has likewise increased their savings by 16%. Businesses aren't as up and running as they used to be.

Financial crisis causes a lot of noise in an organization. People are feeling the pressure, and they panic. Your team might have more noise than focus at this point, so a resetting or reframing might be necessary. A changed leadership might work for your organization. The time might be right to take your business to the next level.

Sort Out The Noise And Paint The Picture

The first step is to sort out the noise. An honest dialog with your trusted sources helps you gain clarity of the situation. Uncover how people feel. What do they think is ahead economically? How about you, what is your personal forecast on the fiscal aspect? What is it that you and your people feel is missing?

Sorting out the noise clears the slate. You can then paint the picture. You see where your organization is at present, and now you envision what you want it to become. What is the outcome you want to achieve? Painting the picture entails that you clarify your business objectives and cultural expectations. Are you managing a multigenerational company? If there are conflicts, you should identify. As you plan for appropriate steps and measures to evolve your business, you also need to understand critical measurements. You need to be aware of your progress in facts and figures.

Do You Have The Courage To Make It Happen?

Painting the picture is an invigorating "freedom exercise" where you imaging the possibilities of joy and prosperity for your organization. As you clarify your leadership vision, you then make the choice to adjust and act. You make your plans happen. You create the reality of the picture you've painted. Your company might be moving at what you think is a comfortable pace and there is certainty. Evolving your business takes some kind of risk. Are you willing to exchange the complacent certainty in your business for the uncertainty of moving forward? You might be unwilling to budge because of fear, but pain in your organization is a call for change. Do you have the courage to try?

Evolving your business needs you to first evolve as a leader and then evolve your organizational culture. Evolving your organizational culture is not a skill, but learning to adapt. You will need to work and engage differently. The choice is yours to move forward and to make it happen.

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